Castro Verde will have a Garden of the Senses

The Jardim dos Sentidos has an estimated cost of 300 euros

The village of Castro Verde, in the district of Beja, will have a Jardim dos Sentidos, an investment by the City Council to offer a “richer and more therapeutic” experience to people with different types of needs.

The project, publicly presented yesterday, is valued at around 300 euros and, according to the mayor of Castro Verde, “is distinguished by its differentiating character”.

“It is a very differentiating project, due to its quality and ability to innovate within the territory, with the introduction of a global idea of ​​appeal and appreciation of the five senses”, said António José Brito, at the end of the session.

According to the mayor, Jardim dos Sentidos will “greatly enhance an entire housing area, which also involves a school centre, and will be of great quality”.

The project “was born” from an idea by the Association for Monitoring Child and Youth Development (APADIJ), based in Castro Verde, aimed at creating a sensory garden in this Alentejo village.

The proposal ended up winning the 'Participatory Budget 2022' of the city council, which, "in view of the creativity and originality of the proposal, understood to give more dimension to the project, extending its implementation to the entire green area located in the northern part of the village", explained the municipality in a statement.

Raquel Roldão, president of APADIJ, acknowledged to Lusa that the project presented today by the City Council “goes beyond what was imagined by the association”.

“It is a garden that has everything to be a welcoming space and I am very proud that we managed, as an association, to provide the whole community with a space to feel and be, where we can go alone, with family, with friends or even for discuss business,” he said.

Jardim dos Sentidos will be implemented in an area of ​​around 8.000 square meters, next to Centro Escolar Dr. Francisco Alegre and the health center, and the execution project, conceived by the landscape architects Ana Rita Mestre and Eduardo Ribeiro, foresees four different areas of fruition.

In Jardim dos Sons, cross sound games and micro-modeling points will be installed, while in Jardim dos Aromas it will be possible to find aromatic and medicinal plants, in addition to an “introspective garden”.

For the Jardim das Textures, it is proposed to maintain the rocks that already exist in the space and to place aggregates of different sizes, throwing “a challenge” to those who walk through it.

Finally, in Jardim da Luz e Sombra, which will also be the “central square”, there will be a dry fountain and shaded leisure areas.

The design of the project was concerned with sustainability, as all the vegetation to be planted will be autochthonous and resistant to drought, instead of grassy areas, rainfed meadows will be placed, there will be localized irrigation and the dry source will prevent water loss through evaporation.

Jardim dos Sentidos has an estimated cost of 300 euros and the Câmara de Castro Verde intends to apply for community funding through the new regional operational program Alentejo 2030.