Almodôvar advances with an interpretative center at Mesas do Castelinho

António Bota believes that equipment can boost tourism in the county

Castelinho tables – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Yesterday, the Almodôvar Council launched the tender for the contract to build the interpretive center at the Mesas do Castelinho archaeological site, located near the village of Santa Clara-a-Nova, and expects to have the work on the ground "in the next two months".

António Bota, mayor of Almodôvar, revealed to the Sul Informação  that five specialized companies were invited to submit proposals.

“We went looking for companies specialized in this type of work and found five in the database of the Regional Directorate of Culture. We addressed an invitation to all of them», said the mayor.

The equipment to be built will «help visitors to circulate and will promote visits – and, consequently, tourism – in the Castelinho Tables and in the municipality».

«We are going to make this historic and unique platform, in a place that can be fully visited by all, with safety throughout its extension», reinforced the mayor, which has long defended the creation of this center.

About a year ago, the mayor of Almodôvar defended the creation of this equipment, considering that “it is a place of great interest, which deserves to be visited more. But people get there and don't have information».

Now, in statements to the Sul Informação, António Bota explained that the aim is to create the conditions so that, on the one hand, anyone can visit the space, "even if they have reduced mobility" and ensure that those who go to this archaeological site find "a clean and dignified space ».

So that this does not continue to happen, around 150 thousand euros will be spent on the creation of an amphitheater, as well as on a ramp and access platform, observation benches, leisure area with picnic space, carport and guardrail:

With this, António Bota believes that it will be possible to convince visitors to "stay around longer".




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